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As of late i am losing for money hosting then making through donations. I have came to the conclusion to see if anyone else would like to host/ buy my server files which i would at the same time help completely set it up. If you are considering this please PM me here, you will need the following for maximum efficiancy:

1) Either a Windows 7 laptop or desktop with minimum 8 - 16 GB of RAM

2) 2.00 + GHz

3) intel i5 or better

4) Windows 7 SSD not an HDD (harddrive)

5) minimum internet speed - Download 40 MBPS - Upload 5 MBPS - Ping ms 20

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I can't get the new post button to work.  Glad to see the server is still up.  If you continue to host some ideas to add in the donation shop would be 24 hour egg + SL, gold, or clear sunset items.

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I will add those in tonight ! For quick response from me message in the live chat. And tell me what youd like.

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